Business Strategies

  1. Goal #1: Infrastructure and Site Development
  2. Goal #2: Workforce Development
  3. Goal #3: Organizational & Regional Development
  4. Goal #4: Business Retention & Attraction
  5. Goal #5: Small Business Development & Entrepreneurship

Goal #1 is to develop a robust infrastructure network to provide high-quality business and industrial parks:

2020 Five-Year Implementation Plan

To view the full PCEDC Implementation Plan related to our county-wide development goals click the link below:

2020 Implementation Plan

2020 Annual Report & March 2021 Annual Meeting

To view the full 2020 annual report addressing all of these goals and the PCEDC's related activities click the link below:

2020 Annual Report (Pdf)

To watch the whole (virtual) annual meeting in March 2021, watch the following YouTube video;