Sales Tax Rates

Current Sales Tax Rates

Townships Rate
Belvue 7.50%
Emmett 7.50%
Havensville 7.50%
Louisville 7.50%
Manhattan (Pottawatomie County) 8.95%
Olsburg 7.50%
Onaga 8.50%
St. George 9.00%
St. Marys (Pottawatomie County) 8.50%
Wamego 9.25%
Westmoreland 8.50%
Wheaton 7.50%

Source: Kansas Statistical Abstract 2019 (published in 2020)

Sales and Use Tax multiyear chart
Source: Kansas Statistical Abstract 2019 (published in 2020).

Pottawatomie County's Sales Tax rate is 7.50%. When broken down, 6.50% goes towards the Kansas sales tax rate. The remaining 1.00% goes towards the county rate.

Source: Kansas Department of Revenue, Local Sales Tax Information:
*Special Taxing Districts (CID - Community Improvement District; STAR - Sales Tax and Revenue Bonds; TDD - Transportation Development District). 

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