Target Industries


In June 2011, our Strategic Plan completed its Market Assessment, providing a broad overview of the demographic and economic trends that are taking place within the county, as well as the many assets that may be drawn upon in efforts to grow the local economy. The Market Assessment served as the foundation for identifying Target Industries..

The Market Assessment provided an assessment of Pottawatomie County’s past and current economic conditions. Then - the Target Industry analysis examined where the Pottawatomie County economy might be able to go in the future. The Target Industry analysis drew on a combination of quantitative and qualitative analyses to identify a selection of key industry sectors and niches that were recommended for targeting by the corporation in its economic development activities.

Based on the analysis completed by the project team and input received from community stakeholders, these target industries represent the best opportunities for sustained success within Pottawatomie County. These target industry recommendations are firmly rooted in reality as they build upon Pottawatomie County’s existing strengths, leverage emerging opportunities within the region, and support the goals of the community.

At a time when thousands of communities across the U.S. are experiencing a decline in their industrial base or are witnessing whole industries relocating to other regions of the country or abroad, Pottawatomie County has been successful in attracting new opportunities for economic growth and expanding the region’s existing industries.

Targeted industries are a mix of sectors that capitalize on Pottawatomie County’s existing clusters, unique assets, location and infrastructure to strengthen key industries already present, diversify into emerging industries and capitalize upon short-term and long-term opportunities.

Five industries are targeted by PCEDC for future expansion and recruitment:

  • Agricultural Business
  • Bio-Science & Animal Health
  • Education & Healthcare
  • Food Processing
  • Back Office
  • Tourism & Recreation
Each specific industry has unique location criteria which often determine where companies choose to locate including its workforce needs, infrastructure demands, business climate preferences, and other criteria. Pottawatomie County has a number of assets that may be applied to the growth and development of these industries, and many opportunities exist for the County to address certain areas requiring improvement.