Jeffrey Energy Center
Emmett is located along Kansas Highway 63 north of St. Marys and near Westar's Jeffrey Energy Center. Fun fact, 45.2% of Emmett's population is of German heritage compared to Kansas which is 29%.

City of the 3rd Class
Mayor/Council form of government


Community Statistics

Population (2010) 191
Population Estimate (2016) 190
Age (Median Age) 31.5
Education (Attainment) 81.30% High School Graduate or Higher
Housing (Total Units) 62
Median Household Income $35,938
Mean Household Income  $44,737
Civilian employed population 16 years and over 45
Private wage and salary workers 36
Government workers 7
Self Employed 2
Foreign Born 12
Poverty  11.7%
Veterans  9

Source: U.S. Census (American Fact Finder)