From apartments, to single family suburban homes, to rural ranches, Pottawatomie County offers a wide range of housing options. Housing is within close proximity to employment centers and recreation. 
Pottawatomie County Housing Statistics 
Source: Kansas Statistical Abstract 2015.
Total Housing Units 9,236
Occupied Housing Units 8,109
Total Vacant Units 933
Homeowner Vacancy Rate 2.6%
Renter Vacancy Rate 5.1%
Occupied Units Owned: 6,288   Rented: 1,821

Owner-Occupied Housing

Number of Units Homeowner Vacancy Rate
Median Value of Units
6,288 2.6 $154,800

Renter-Occupied Housing

Total Units Percent of Units Renter-Occupied Rental Vacancy Rate Median Gross Rent
1,821 22.5 5.1 731
Source: Kansas Statistical Abstract 2015.

Fair Market Rents (2016)

Source: Kansas Statistical Abstract 2015.
Mean Renter Wage: $10.87 Studio One Bedroom Two Bedrooms Three Bedrooms Four Bedrooms
Fair Market Rents $688 $692 $912 $1,329 $1,590
Housing Wage $13.23 $13.31 $17.54 $25.56 $30.58
Number of Hours Needed to Afford Fair Market Rent 49 49 65 94 112
Housing Stock
Below is a description of Pottawatomie County's housing stock. Housing stock is defined as the total number of dwelling units in a defined area. Pottawatomie County has a diverse stock of newer and older homes as well as a high home-ownership rate of 73%.

Number of Units

Source: U.S. Census Bureau, Housing Unit Estimates, 2011-2015 American Community Survey 5-Year Estimates
2010 Estimate 2011 Estimate 2012 Estimate 2013 Estimate 2014 Estimate 2015 Estimate
8,412 8,568 8,622 8,694 8,842 8,918

Housing Stock in Pottawatomie County by Year Built

Source: U.S. Census Bureau, 2010-2014 American Community Survey 5-Year Estimates.

Typology of Housing Units in Pottawatomie County 2009-2013
Housing Types
Housing Occupancy Rates Pottawatomie County 2009-2013
Housing Occupancy Rates
Number of Housing Units (1960 - 2010)
Number of Housing Units (2007-2012)
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