Wheaton is located in northern Pottawatomie County along Kansas Highway 16. The town is part of the Onaga Area Chamber of Commerce that serves the Onaga, Havensville and Wheaton area. 

The Emrich Family Creamery is a well known family business in Wheaton and has been in operation since the early 2000's. 

Source: U.S. Census (American Fact Finder)
Population (2010) 95
Population Estimate (2016) 103
Age (Median Age) 20.5
Education (Attainment) 93.8% High School Graduate or Higer
Housing (Total Units) 44
Median Household Income $65,000
Mean Household Income  $65,186
Civilians employed 16 years and over 49
Private and salary workers 75.5%
Government workers 20.4%
Self-employed 4.1%
Poverty 1.5%
Foreign Born 3
Veterans  24