Infrastructure and Site Development

GOAL #1 INFRASTRUCTURE AND SITE DEVELOPMENT – Develop a robust infrastructure network and seek to provide high-quality business and industrial parks.

Objective A: Purchase and develop at least one new site and build an industrial park in phases, most likely in Wamego.

• Strategy 1: Work with the city and county on the development of a new site in proximity to Highway 24 (40-60 acres) that can become the preferred economic development catalyst in the two counties. Ensure that the site has adequate drainage and all utilities are in place in phases.

• Strategy 2: Continue to assist in the marketing and promotion of properties on the west and east side of Excel Road directly off of Highway 24 for industrial, commercial and office development.

• Strategy 3: Assist communities north of the 24 corridor in identifying potential industrial/commercial sites, like Onaga and Westmoreland, as well as to assist in Wamego and St. Marys.

Objective B: Work with county and city officials to enhance infrastructure in the county to further roads, water, sewer, etc.

• Strategy 1: Map existing and identify planned infrastructure; roads, streets, water, sewer, gas, electricity, hi-speed broadband telecommunications related to both existing and planned industrial and commercial development sites to determine if they meet the current and future needs in that sector by working closely with county staff using GIS where possible.

• Strategy 2: Identify infrastructure needs related to industrial and commercial development sites and work with public/private entities to identify necessary funds through USDA or other federal and state agencies to allow growth especially on Highway 24.

• Strategy 3: Continue to support comprehensive planning efforts and implementation in Onaga and Westmoreland, as well as encourage rural communities in the county to pursue comprehensive plans and assist with funding.

• Strategy 4: Examine the feasibility of the passage in the county of a half cents sales tax dedicated to infrastructure and in particular, infrastructure for a new PCEDC industrial/business park.

Objective C: Continue to advocate for more housing, for both workforce and management throughout Pottawatomie County.

• Strategy 1: Work closely with Workforce Housing Needs Study being completed by Flint Hills Regional Council as they finish completing housing study for Pottawatomie and Wabaunsee Counties.

• Strategy 2: Help to fund a study or report that demonstrates the financial benefits of residential housing and how it impacts real estate values and enhances sales tax revenues.

• Strategy 3: Examine, advocate and help to develop more senior housing in Pottawatomie County for the next 20 years.