Organizational and Regional Development

GOAL # 3: ORGANIZATIONAL AND REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT- Continue to develop Pottawatomie County Economic Development Corporation by enhancing private and public sector collaboration, building local partnerships and working closely with Manhattan Regional entities and chambers.

Objective A: Maximize Pottawatomie County Economic Development Corporation’s visibility and funding and enhance public relations programs.

• Strategy 1: Continue to inform Advanced Pottawatomie investors about PCEDC accomplishments and strategies with newsletters, social media and frequent one on one meetings.

• Strategy 2: Establish mechanisms to inform the general public with news releases and joint venturing with the Manhattan and Wamego Area Chambers of Commerce on various programs to enlighten others about PCEDC, including 30 second commercials through Prime Media.

• Strategy 3: Continue to hold annual investor receptions to inform investors first-hand on PCEDC developments and strategies and seek input. The events should take place in Manhattan and Wamego or St. Mary’s.

• Strategy 4: Continue working with Westmoreland, Onaga and St. Marys Chambers of Commerce on a regular basis and to become involved in their redevelopment efforts in order to promote growth in the rural areas of the county.

• Strategy 5: Purchase new office furniture in the future to demonstrate a more look and feel for the organization.

Objective B: Embark on a new private sector fundraising campaign or a program that demonstrates the $2 million/year tax revenue that the PCEDC industrial parks generate for the county and select cities each year.

• Strategy 1: Conduct a feasibility analysis with a reputable economic development fundraising firm to decipher the amount of money to be raised.

• Strategy 2: Establish a capital campaign committee with top business leaders and respected current and previous elected officials.

• Strategy 3: Develop rate of return on investment information as well as using the economic impact assessment completed on the industrial parks to demonstrate to investors the high value of PCEDC