Business Retention and Attraction

GOAL # 4: BUSINESS RETENTION AND ATTRACTION: Through the Greater Manhattan Economic Partnership implement a strong business attraction target marketing program utilizing the Avalanche Consulting methodology and a local creative agency and continue working with existing industry to create new employment and retain existing jobs.

Objective A: Design and implement the targeted marketing program that effectively communicates the Greater Manhattan area’s assets to business leaders outside of the area in order to attract new industries in the following sectors:

1.) Animal Health and Science

2.) Crop and Grain Science & Milling

3.) Biosecurity and Food Science

4.) Computer Science & Information Technology

5.) Metal Fabrication and Machinery & Equipment

• Strategy 1: Rebuild the GMEP website making the information on its website more concise and compelling with bold headlines and bylines, impactful imagery and infographics will help communicate key messages in a more visual way.

• Strategy 2: Include more information on each of the region’s five target industries on the GMEP website. Be sure to include a mix of content like text, visuals, infographics, charts, maps, photos, videos, and more.

• Strategy 3: GMEP should have a social media presence it can share positive regional news with other partners or externally audiences easily and quickly. In addition, always seek media and develop a formalized news release system.

• Strategy 4: Working with creative agency develop target industry brochures for GMEP that are usually one or two pages and generally include minimal text with visually appealing infographics and pictures of the region.

• Strategy 5: Develop custom pitch decks for GMEP tailored to each target industry which are a useful and concise way to introduce prospects to the region. Custom pitch decks are best shared in person when prospects visit the region as an interactive presentation

• Strategy 6: Participate in state and regional organizations like Team Kansas with GMEP which gains maximum exposure for the state. Keep membership at the highest level and attend multiple sales missions.

• Strategy 7: Continue active participation in the Industrial Asset Management Council (IAMC) participating with site selectors and corporate real executives (including CAT and Hanesbrands) at the two IAMC conferences per year and continue to maintain strong site selector lists and contacts.

• Strategy 8: Identify geographies with a high concentration of target industry firms. Schedule strategic mission trips to these destinations to meet directly with businesses in these sectors.

• Strategy 9: GMEP should develop a set of metrics that include:

o Prospect inquiries by target industry

o Leads by target industry

o Visits by target industry

o Project wins by target industry

o Job growth and capital investment by target industry

o Number of project materials distributed to prospects

o Number of inquiries from site selectors

o Number of referrals from regional partners

o Success regarding existing target industry business growth

o Any awards, positive rankings, or recognition received by the community

o Number of new marketing materials or tactics developed each year

• Strategy 10: Stay active and invested in Knowledge Based Economic Development (KBED) and further promote the group to become more active in projects that will impact Pottawatomie County and stimulate further growth and development.

Objective B: Continue to develop the strong business retention expansion program by actively continuing building relationships with existing industry in Pottawatomie County.

• Strategy 1: Continue existing business one on one in person calls at the company place of business and discuss key competitive issues impacting the industry and community.

• Strategy 2: Continually refresh the existing industry survey updating with new items and working closely with the Manhattan Area Chamber of Commerce on overlapping companies and PCEDC relationships.

• Strategy 3: Work with the Manhattan Area Chamber to develop a “triggered hot response” system. This system is designed to immediately assist an industry when a “red flag” economic development need arises.

• Strategy 4: Attend and stay active with industry associations, including the Human Resource Management Network (SHRM affiliate), the Flint Hills Area Builders Association and others.