Kansas Energy Profile

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  • In 2014, Kansas ranked 10th in crude oil production among the 50 states, excluding the federal offshore areas.
  • The Hugoton Gas Area, which contains one of the top-producing natural gas fields in the United States, is located in southwestern Kansas, as well as in parts of the Texas and Oklahoma panhandles. 
  • The Mid-Continent Center, located in south central Kansas, is a key natural gas supply hub that takes production from several states in the region and pipes it east to major consumption markets.  
  • Electric utilities in Kansas provided 80% of the state's net electricity generation in 2014; 57% of net electricity generation came from coal-fired electric power plants. 
  • In 2014, 21% of net electricity generation in Kansas came from wind energy, making wind the state's second largest power provider, after coal. 
Source: EIA (Energy Information Administration)