Pottawatomie County Day Care & Preschools 


Having good childcare means having strong youth and families which builds a foundation for strong communities. If people do not have access to childcare within the community, they will leave the community to find childcare elsewhere which does a disservice to their community. If the people within the community value building it up, they need to address childcare needs, encourage a better infrastructure to support entrepreneurship, and put better supports in place for providers. The Pottawatomie County (Pott. Co.) Economic Development Corporation identifies the following goal for child care:

"The Development of new and creative programs to enhance the availability and affordability of day care for children from birth to five years."

The following report, "Access to Affordable, Quality Child Care in Pottawatomie County, Kansas", was compiled through a collaborative effort by the Pottawatomie County Child Care Task Force and the K-State Research and Extension Applied Research in Child Health and Enhancing Resilience (ARCHER) Lab. Development of measures was accomplished through a Community-Based Participatory Research approach. This report covers strategic goals and recommendations for the development of new and creative programs to enhance the availability and affordability of day care for children from birth to five years. The link below will take you to a draft of this report.


Child care in Pottawatomie County varies in size as well as in scope. However, if your priorities are searching for child care with a progressive curriculum, before & after school programs, or a smaller day care setting, we recognize the importance of making the right choice for your family. The businesses listed below are local certified preschools and day care providers that may be just what you are looking for. 

Child Care Businesses

Business Contact Address Contact Phone Contact Email
Cool Care Club   2121 Blue Hills Rd, Manhattan (785)341-5290  
Loving Arms Childcare   1531 St. Marys Rd., Junction City (785)238-2767  
Boys and Girls Club Jennifer Rodgers 220 S Fifth St, Manhattan (785)341-0811 wamego@bgclubmanhattan.com
Brilliant Beginnings Chasity Watson/Felicity Post 17680 Old Post Rd, Wamego (785)456-1230 brilliantbeginnings2020@gmail.com
Hope Lutheran Kristi Hirsch 3560 Dempsey Rd, Manhattan (785)587-9400 hirschkk@gmail.com
Little Love Bugs Heather Melton 5574 Maefield Dr, Wamego (785)456-4847 little.lovebugs@hotmail.com
Creche Facility Micah Stutz 8200 S Port Dr, Manhattan (785)320-7000 micah@crechemanhattan.com
Jamboree Daycare Heather Hoeting 8385 US-24, Manhattan (785)370-3966 heather@jamboreedaycare.com
Adventure Time Shannon Thowe 721 Leonard St, Onaga (785)889-0195  
NEK-CAP     (785)535-2070  

According to 2018 statistics, there are 1,889 children between 0 and 4 years old in Pottawatomie County. The table below shows child care facilities and their capacities in the county.

Child Care Facilities in Pottawatomie County Kansas (2018)

Source: Kansas Statistical Abstract 2018
Pottawatomie County Facilities Capacity
Child Care Center 6 457
Group Day Care Home 15 180
Head Start Child Care Center 1 20
Licensed Day Care Home 45 450
Preschool 0 0
Total 67 1,107

Child Care Contacts

Contact Contact Phone Contact Email
Harriet Schmidt (785)889-4861 hdks@bluevalley.net
Eileen Burenheide   bfam@bluevalley.net
Kathy Wagoner   64wagoner19@gmail.com
Shannon Downs
Misty Williams   mistywilliams107@yahoo.com
Christina Hargitt (785)477-0331 chargitt@ku.edu
Mary Altenhofen (785)457-3719 maltenhofen@pottcounty.org
Daryn Soldan (785)456-7849 daryn@wamegochamber.com
Lisa Kenworthy (785)457-3719 lkenworthy@pottcounty.org
Erin Tynon (785)457-3319 etynon@ksu.edu
Michael Tomson-Degreeff (785)383-3763 umcpastormichael@gmail.com
Rick Hernandez (785)456-7872 rick@wamegochm.org