Permits & Fees

When looking at the table below, you will find a general description of the fees related to obtaining building permits and entitlements. All applicants are encouraged to consult Pottawatomie County staff before filling an application to discuss their proposed scope and potential project requirements. Fees collected by the County are approved by the Board of County Commissioners by resolution, typically changed each year.  In 2016, there were 395 building permits issued in Pottawatomie County; check out the table below to see building permit trends over the last four years in the county.

For more information: visit the Pottawatomie County Website 

Application to Rezone $250.00
Application for Conditional Use Permit                  $250.00

Building Permit Fees

Residential - Dwellings  $200.00
Residential - Additions, Accessory Uses $50.00
Commercial, Industrial - Primary Building $250.00
Commercial, Industrial - Additions, Accessory Uses $100.00
Institutional - Primary Building $200.00
Institutional - Additions, Accessory Uses $100.00


Temporary Job Permits  $100.00
Home Occupation Permits                                    $25.00
Special Event Permits $25.00
Sign Permits $25.00
Data: Pottawatomie County Website (2018)

Building Permits Issued

Source: Kansas Statistical Abstract 2017 & Pottawatomie County Website
Location Total Units Total Cost
Pottawatomie County 143 $38,078,268
St Marys 10 $1,112,000
Wamego 18 $2,035,675
Pottawatomie County 209 $49,939,615
St Marys 13 $1,232,900
Wamego 39 $5,637,842
Pottawatomie County 164 $42,185,425
St Marys 4 $38,300
Wamego 53 $9,539,624