Pottawatomie County has a very favorable location within the rapidly growing I-70 corridor in Kansas. Additionally, your community’s location with respect to Manhattan, Kansas State University, Tuttle Creek Lake, and Fort Riley is a key asset driving development and creating additional development opportunities. Development and growth are oriented east and west within the county. Regions to the north and south are increasingly rural and agricultural with farmland to the north and rangeland to the south. Pottawatomie County is unlike most Great Plains communities which are experiencing chronic and severe depopulation.

Demographics at a Glance - Pottawatomie Co.

Source: Kansas Statistical Abstract 2019
Population (2010 - Census) 21,604
Population (2019 - Estimate) 24,383
Population Growth (2010-2019) 12.9%
Projected Population in 2044  36,459
Median Age (2010) 34.8

A growing population contributes to a strong workforce and supports community infrastructure including schools, health care, arts and culture, and retail activity.

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Population Demographics - Pottawatomie County

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