Animal Health & Science

  • Kansas State University produces a strong talent pool for the Animal Health & Science industry. Between undergraduate, graduate, and PhD students, Kansas State produce around 200 qualified workers for the Animal Health & Science industry every year.
  • The Greater Manhattan region is part of the Animal Science Corridor in Kansas, where 60% of animal health companies are located. This makes the Greater Manhattan region a mecca for businesses and customers of this industry.
  • Kansas State University has several highly regarded research programs and facilities for Animal Health & Science, including the USDA Center for Grain and Animal Health Research.
  • The construction and opening of the National Bio- and Agro-defense Facility (NBAF) will create more opportunities for ancillary industries in Animal Health & Science.
  • Geographically, the Greater Manhattan region offers unparalleled access to amenities for the Animal Health & Science industry. Greater Manhattan is a major part of the Animal Science Corridor, is located near major centers of animal protein production, and is located in the Flint Hills, which is ideal grazing ground for cattle.
  • Pet food manufacturing is a niche specialization in the region. There are multiple manufacturing plants located in the region. Kansas State University offers one of the only academic programs specializing in pet food in the country.
  • The Kansas State University Institute for Commercialization a great resource for the Animal Health and Science industry. Additional business support services at Kansas State University include fee-for-service testing services.

200 qualified workers in the Animal Health & Science industry produced at Kansas State University every year


60% of Animal Health & Science companies are located in the Animal Science Corridor