Business Strategies

Goal #1:

 Infrastructure and Site Development  
Develop a robust infrastructure network to provide high-quality business and industrial parks 

Goal #2:

Workforce Development  
Develop long-term programs designed to enhance partnerships between business, education, and training officials and commit Pottawatomie County to a long term program to enhance the available quality and characteristics of the current and future workforce

Goal #3: Organizational and Regional Development
Continue to develop Pottawatomie County Economic Development Corporation by enhancing private and public sector collaboration, building local partnerships and working closely with Manhattan Regional entities and Chambers 

Goal #4:

 Business Retention and Attraction
To attract value-added target industry and retain existing accounting for $30 million in capital investment and 500 jobs at living wages and salaries 

Goal #5:

Small Business Development and Entrepreneurship
Continue to develop programs for small and new business as well as supporting their efforts for legislation and advocacy and working closely with existing resources, especially those with Kansas State University