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Meteorologist, U.S. Weather Bureau and State Board of Agriculture

Kansas, the premier wheat state, has an annual mean temperature close to that of the national mean, 54.68°F and 54.45°F, respectively.  more sunshine than that of any state to the east, and generous summer rains which, in the eastern counties, average heavier than those of other states, except a few along the Gulf Coast. This favorable combination of weather elements and availability of more arable land than that in any other state, except Texas, accounts for the high rank of Kansas in crop production, finished livestock, and dairy products.


The State lies across the path of alternate masses of warm moist air moving north from the Gulf of Mexico and currents of cold, comparatively dry, air moving from the polar regions. Consequently, its weather is subject to frequent and often sharp changes, usually of short duration.


Summers are inclined to be warm--often the word "hot" describes them best--but are healthful, with low relative humidity during periods of high temperatures, and usually good wind movement. Heat prostrations are almost unknown. Summer nights are usually cool, especially in the western counties. 

Winters are drier, with more sunshine than those of eastern states. The average snowfall is less than that of other states, except those located farther south. Michigan, Pennsylvania, New York, and the New England States normally have from two to three times as much snowfall as Kansas.

The average precipitation in Pottawatomie County from 1981 - 2010 was 34.97 inches annually.


Precipitation by county

Climate by Municipality

Municipality Mean Temperature Mean Precipitation Days with Precipitation Mean Snowfall
Wamego 55.6 33.3" 80 18.5"
Westmoreland 51.9 33.1" 70 18.9"
Onaga 55.5 34.3" 69 16.6"
Olsburg N/A 33.6" 75 19.5"
St. Marys
32.9" 85 15.4"
33.4" 58 11.8"
Wheaton N/A 35.3" 68.6 23"

Source: Kansas Statistical Abstract; Data Collected from 1981-2010

The graphs below show different characteristics of Pottawatomie County weather compared to Kansas and U.S. 

Pottawatomie Weather Compared to Kansas and U.S. Means

Average Tempurature
Montly precipitation
Number of DAys
Wind Speed
Total Snowfall
Average Humididty
Graphs originally from USA.com based on data gathered from U.S. Weather Stations