Workforce Development

Objective A: Develop creative strategies to prepare young people for the workforce essentials of the new century.

Strategy 1: Implement a Workforce Development Roundtable. The Roundtable should consist of the education and training community, human resource managers (SHRM chapter), and the other industrial leaders.

Strategy 2: Establish a platform to develop a consensus through the Workforce Roundtable to plan workforce direction for the next five to ten years.

Strategy 3: Work with Highland Community College, Manhattan Area Technical College (MATC) and/or Washburn Tech to develop new programs for targeted industry, including a simulated call center training room that would have multi-functional use.

Objective B: Develop a long-term program of enhancing youth awareness of careers and world of work.

Strategy 1: Continue to encourage dual credit program for high school students and other programs in career technical education similar to old Tech Prep.

Strategy 2: Build alternative education programs into Tech Prep, internships or other initiatives to enhance career viability for client youth.

Strategy 3: Encourage and develop funding for teacher internships with Wamego industry and other teacher continuing education efforts working closely with the Wamego Chamber and human resource managers.

Strategy 4: Enhance existing "Adopt a School Program" and insure that every manufacturer becomes involved with the Adopt a School or Adopt a Room effort.