Organizational and Regional Development

Objective A: Enter into a regional partnership agreement with the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce and Junction City Chamber of Commerce which will enhance development and regional cooperation.

Strategy 1: Ensure that the regional partnership agreement includes a memorandum of understanding on prospect handling and protocol.

Strategy 2: Ensure that the regional partnership agreement has a reasonable non-pirating agreement that protects the county from other regional economic development approaching Pottawatomie County business about relocating.

Strategy 3: Support efforts for the regional partnership, entering into the agreement and encourage expanding its charge and include workforce and legislative initiatives.

Objective B: Maximize Pottawatomie County Economic Development Corporation's visibility and funding and enhance public relations programs.

Strategy 1: Continue to inform Advanced Pottawatomie investors about PCEDC accomplishments and strategies with newsletters and frequent one on one meetings

Strategy 2: Establish mechanisms to inform the general public with the news releases and joint venturing with the Wamego Chamber of Commerce on various programs to enlighten others about PCEDC.

Strategy 3: Bi-annually hold investor receptions to inform investors first hand on PCEDC developments and strategies and seek input. The events should take place in Manhattan and Wamego/ St.Mary's.

Strategy 4: Build up the internal functions of PCEDC by establishing a CRM (client relationship management) program for investors also to be be used for existing industry).