Business Retention and Attraction

Objective A: Design and implement a targeted marketing program that effectively communicates Pottawatomie County's comparative advantages to business leaders outside of the community in order to attract at least three new industries or assist in three major expanions in the county over the next five years.
Strategy 1: Utilize the labor and target industry completed by staff in January 2015 which encompasses a thorough approach in targeting the industry's most likely to locate in the region.

Strategy 2: Utilize cost comparison reports on each of the top three target industries. These will compare the operating costs in Pottawatomie County versus source cities where prospects may be found, such as Denver, Chicago, St. Louis, and Winnipeg.

Strategy 3: Develop a comprehensive marketing strategy directed at targeted industries.
Strategy should include:
  • A comprehensive direct-mail campaign with regional (source city) mailings and, if possible, targeted media advertising.
  • Prospecting trips to source cities and to trade show cities with Team Kansas/Kansas Department of Commerce representatives
  • An effective monitoring system utilizing ACT-type database
  • An effective web based program that can be easily used by site selectors
Strategy 4: Join and participate in state and regional organizations like Team Kansas which gains maximum exposure for the state. If possible, join Team Kansas and participate on ongoing basis with the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce

Strategy 5: Continue participation in the Industrial Asset Management Council (IAMC) participating with site selectors at their conferences and others continue to maintain strong site selector lists and contacts.
Objective B: Continue in developing a strong business retention expansion program by actively continuing building relationships with existing industry in Pottawatomie County.
Strategy 1: Continue with the new industry call program. Record all progress using an ACT-type contact software.

Strategy 2: Develop a "triggered hot response" system. This system is designed to immediately assist an industry when a "red flag" economic development arises.

Strategy 3: Join, attend meetings and become active with industry associations, such as the Society of Human Resources Managers (SHRM), American Production and Inventory Control Society (APICS), etc.