Crop Science and Milling

  • Greater Manhattan has unparalleled opportunities in the Crop & Grain Science & Milling industry and is considered to be the “center of the wheat universe”. This concentration of assets makes it a valuable place to be for other Crop & Grain Science & Milling companies.
  • The Greater Manhattan region has a critical mass of Crop & Grain Science & Milling research facilities, including Kansas State University, the Kansas Wheat Innovation Center at the Kansas Wheat Commission, and the American Institute of Baking. Kansas State University is one of only two schools in the country with grain science program offerings.
  • Because of the critical mass of research and pipeline of talent, there is opportunity for Crop & Grain Science & Milling businesses to flourish. Kansas State University’s Department of Grain Science and Industry includes Bakery Science, Feed Science, and Milling Science undergraduates degrees, a graduate program, and online education programs.
  • The Flint Hills Metropolitan Planning Organization is working on bus routes that will directly connect workers to agricultural facilities, making it easier for workers of all education levels to connect to good jobs.
  • Local businesses in the Crop & Grain Science & Milling industry have praised the business community as friendly, supportive, and collaborative.
  • Kansas State University’s Feed the Future Innovation Lab for the Reduction of Post-Harvest Loss produces innovative research on how to reduce post-harvest loss on grain products. The Feed the Future Innovation Lab is testing products and creating guides that will help grain farmers all over the world increase their crop output.
  • Highland Community College at Wamego offers a precision agriculture program that produces talent for the Crop & Grain Science & Milling industry.

Greater Manhattan is the “Center of the Wheat Universe”


Kansas State offers the number 1 Grain program in the United States